Sharon's Books

Gulf Coast Rescue Series

I am writing a series for Carina Press called Gulf Coast Rescue, about the men and women of the US Coast Guard. My novels are set at Air Station Clearwater, Florida, the largest and busiest air station in the Coast Guard. While my books are fiction, many of the story ideas came from real situations—with a romance and a twist or two added in for excitement!

A Dangerous Leap

A Dangerous Leap book cover

My first book in the series, A Dangerous Leap, launched April 21st.

Raised by navy parents, Kelly Bishop learned how to pack light and say goodbye at an early age. She’s earned her Coast Guard rescue swimmer stripes in some of the toughest waters out there, outperforming men along the way. Now she’s ready for a new start in Florida, eager to prove herself as the best of the best.

What she isn’t ready for is the spark between her and fellow Coastie Ian Razzamenti.

Ian knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. And what he’s always wanted is a stay-at-home wife—someone who can take care of their children while he’s out on missions. The attraction he feels for Kelly is intense, but is it worth giving up his big-family dreams?

Life-or-death situations leave little time for distraction—or doubt. When a tropical storm becomes a hurricane and a dangerous enemy reveals himself, their air station springs into action, and Kelly and Ian may not have the chance to decide whether they want to take the leap… .

Jayhawk Down

Jayhawk Down book cover

My second book in the series, Jayhawk Down, launched August 3rd.

What appears to be a normal rescue mission goes horribly wrong…

Caitlyn Stone has always wanted to be a helicopter pilot. Hard work and determination got her there, and now she’s living the adrenaline-rushing good life, piloting Jayhawk helicopters for the US Coast Guard. Helping people is her life’s work, and the risk is not only worth it, it’s thrilling. But she never expected this kind of danger.

When ER doctor and Army Reserve Black Hawk pilot Stillman Gray sees Caitlyn expertly land a Jayhawk during a raging storm, he has nothing but respect for the beautiful Coastie. But he’s not the only one who’s noticed her. A terrorist is looking to hijack a helicopter, and he’s decided Caitlyn is the perfect target.

Caitlyn’s past has taught her that the only thing a man in uniform can guarantee is disappointment. But when what appears to be a normal rescue mission goes horribly wrong, she’ll need to push aside memories of heartbreak and trust her military man enough to let him save her.

Exploring Steampunk

Steampunk Airship

For pure fun I'm creating an Urban Fantasy series set in 1885 London. The series includes a Duke and his recently departed mentor (yes, that would be a ghost) who are investigating inexplicable animal possessions, the mentor's alleged mistress (a powerful if somewhat untutored psychic), and a mysterious mechanical parrot. Check back for information on the release date for book one.