About Sharon

Sharon Calvin AuthorI started as a voracious reader before becoming a writer. In grade school I remember how frustrating it was that my local library limited the number of books I could check out based on what grade I was in. It made for a lot of trips to and from the library until I hit fifth grade—then it was limited only by what I could carry. I was in heaven!

My transition to writing evolved not just from reading, but from my love of words. By junior high (middle school for the younger set) I was spending part of my study period reading a dictionary. Synonyms are not interchangable! Subtle nuances in meaning, or more often in the connotation, rather than a word's denotation, can have a huge impact on a reader's response. I loved trying to find the right word to evoke a specifc emotion; something I'm still working on today.

Over the years my passions ebb and flow with current interests (art, horses, photography, snow skiing, scuba diving, target shooting...) but the loves that have stayed constant are reading, writing, and my husband (38 years and counting!)

I've been writing seriously since 1999 when my sister talked me into taking a creative writing course at Johnson County Community College, where she taught English. The instructor, Juliet Kincaid, was fabulous. I learned not only about good solid writing structure, but how to give, and receive, critques. That, along with the thick skin needed for rejections, went a long way towards keeping me moving forward in my writing career.

I joined Romance Writers of America in 2000. I've been a Golden Heart finalist twice, served on the board of my local chapter four years, and received the "call" in July, 2014 the week before the RWA National Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Yes, it was the best conference ever!