Let me tell you a story…

Stories feed our imagination, help us learn, and sustain us when we need to escape the harried and humdrum of everyday.

Writing Stories...

Can be as much fun as reading them—especially when I get to create the places I want to visit, populated with characters I know better than I do myself. My characters grow and learn and make good and bad choices along the way. Because I am fascinated by human behavior (too many college psychology courses?) my heros and heroines are often tested by situations, people, and their own pasts. Throw in a little suspense and romance and see what happens.

Getting Around My Web Site

The About section tells a little about me and what I have done with my life...so far. Like this Web site and the stories I am currently writing, I consider myself a Work in Progress. So check out my progress to date by clicking the About link above.

I am currently writing a series called Gulf Coast Rescue for Carina Press. To learn more about that series, click on the Books link above.

To view a more formal biography, click on the Bio link above. You might want to reference that for book reviews or articles.

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