Welcome to Sharon (the writer) and Bill (the flyer)'s Home Page

Hopefully this page will be a place for us to let our friends know where to find us, what we're up to, and what's happening around our part of Florida (or wherever we might be at). Not all the pages are up, so you may have to check around the site to see what's working and loaded.

Check the Photos under Florida now that the seawall is done. The boat is next -- but things are going slow due to discovering a cracked block on the starboard engine, the Corp closed some waterways when I had time, then the hurricanes hit, and general work overload. I'll get the boat moved when I get it done as I haven't been able to get a good new schedule worked out now.

I did get in a little boating bringing my friend, Ian's, boat up to the house. Check it out under Boating / Ian's Trip.

Or maybe we're just lounging around the backyard!!

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